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As we set-up informal webinars and round tables, you'll see them below.

You'll also find details of external events AQuA is participating in, together with post-event information for events we've run.

We look forward to meeting you at some or all of them over the coming months.

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we.CONECT Health:CODE 2017





The first specialist conference on agile software development, Continuous Delivery and DevOps for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and health and hospital sectors. In a unique and interactive setting, more than 150+ decision makers from the pharmaceutical, MedTech and Public and Private Health Sector will come together to share their knowledge, discuss new business opportunities and showcase the latest development trends for software in health.

AQuA will be at the health Code Berline event November 27th-28th in Berlin.  We will be hosting a round table on mHealth Privacy and security, talking about the benfits of standards and the long awaited code

AQuA Testing standards are important for all apps, but even more so for mHealth- AQuA believes that technical testing of the app should be done alongside any functional or medical testing of the service delivered through the app.

Health:code Website

PAST EVENT: Next Generation Testing 2017, 6 July 2017

AQuA is delighted to be part of Next Generation Testing 2017.  We will be presenting our approach to App Security Testing in the afternoon.

If you’d like to attend, you can get a 20% discount and book using code NGTSPK at Next Generation Testing Conference: Assuring Quality in the Digital Age

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Past EVENT: Apps World Evolution, 14-15 June 2017

AQuA is delighted to be part of Apps World Evolution this summer. Come along and meet the AQuA team on the stand, and don't forget to drop by the keynote on the first day where Martin Wrigley will be presenting. The AQuA community are welcome to 20% off the ticket price.

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PAST WEBINAR: How to check your App is Accessible to everyone - 9th February

During this webinar, we delved into the Accessibility Testing Criteria, a free to use resource, which is designed to check the accessibility of an application for users with limitations in one or more categories of vision, hearing, speech, dexterity and cognition.


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PAST EVENT: TestExpo - 12th October London

Co-located with AgileExpo, AQuA is pleased to support TestEXpo in London this October.

TestExpo will focus on mastering digital disruption, so that the testing community in the UK, can continue to learn from each other. Key themes include Innovation in the Testing Industry, Digital Testing Practices, Automation and Continuous Delivery and Cyber Security to name a few.

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PAST EVENT: Apps World - 19th-20th October 2016

As partners of Apps World, AQuA is delighted to be involved in lots of ways this year!

AQuA Quality Awards and the Appster Awards

AQuA will be presenting the Best Quality App Award and the Best Contribution to Quality Award during the Appster Awards on the evening of 19 October.

So if you want to set the benchmark for quality and celebrate this at Apps World, then enter the AQuA Quality Awards by Friday 16 September.

Come along to the Developers Conference and hear what we’ve got to say on Security Testing


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PAST EVENT: AQuA Round Table - 21 October 2016

Thanks to everyone who came to our Fourth AQuA Round Table

What's was it all about?

AQuA brought together a small group of like-minded people who were interested in mobile app quality, and keen to discuss their experiences in this area.

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PAST EVENT: Cloud and DevOps World 21-22 June 2016

Martin Wrigley spoke at Cloud and DevOps World this June. He hosted the Enterprise Mobility Theatre and gave a presentation on “Wearables, Mobility, Access & Security”. 

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PAST EVENT - National Software Testing Conference, 17-18 May 2016

We were happy to be part of the National Software Testing Conference again this year and we brought mobile to the agenda, organising a mobile session, hosted by Martin Wrigley.

The session focused on the state of mobile testing and the forthcoming challenges in the arena. AQuA Members VMC, The Telegraph, DMI and also Jaguar Landrover took part in the session.


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PAST EVENT: Ovum Industry Congress, 11-12 May 2016

Martin Wrigley, Executive Director of AQuA moderated a Round Table at the Ovum Industry Congress this year. 

About the Ovum Industry Congress

Power has shifted to the digitally connected customer, and business models designed for a more predictable world are fast becoming redundant or uncompetitive. This is driving the need for organizations – irrespective of industry or sector – to become customer-adaptive.

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AQuA Round Table - Friday 20th November, London

Thanks to everyone who came to our third AQuA Round Table.

What was it all about?
AQuA brought together a small group of like-minded people who were passionate about mobile app quality and keen to discuss their experiences in this area.

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PAST EVENT: Apps World, 18-19 November

The App Quality Alliance were part of Apps World again this year. 

It was great to meet so many of you visit us on our stand and we hoped you enjoyed Martin Wrigely discuss the need for straightforward quality principles whilst trying to get your app to market, in his session “Racing the Titanic” at Droid World. 

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PAST EVENT: AQuA and the new Accessibility Testing Criteria, 30th June

Many of you attended this webinar, where we gave an overview of AQuA and we introduced the new Accessibility Testing Criteria.

Thanks to all who came. Find out what was discussed and listen to the recording of the webinar.

With your contribution over the last few weeks, we are also pleased to say that the final version of the Accessibility Testing Criteria is now available.

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PAST EVENT - Enterprise Apps World - 24th-25th June

The AQuA team attended Enterprise Apps World and Martin Wrigley chaired the track “Enterprise Mobility Strategies". 

Our members Perfecto Mobile also be exhibited and they recently released a device coverage index that we think is useful. We are interested in your thoughts, the Perfecto Mobile report can be found here

PAST EVENT: National Software Testing conference - 19th-20th May

At AQuA, we are believe that mobile testing is important. It therefore seemed right that we attend the National Software Testing Conference.

In a session at 3.35pm on Tuesday 19th May, Martin Wrigley will be talking about "Why the world of testing needs standardisation".

Here, Martin will be making the case for industry wide standardisation in software testing, including ISO 29119. He will discuss the differences between standards, certification and inflexibility, plus the concept of industry best practice. He will also examine the standards from AQua in the field of mobile app testing.

Following Martin's presentation, there will round-table in which critics and proponents of standards go head-to-head.

Find out more about the National Software Testing conference.

PAST EVENT: Round Table: developer guidelines and tools: are they helping or causing confusion?

Thanks to all those who were there.  

Tuesday February 10 2015
GSMA offices in London

We held another Round Table in February in conjunction with the GSMA.   This time we got together a group of people to review and discuss various tools and guidelines, with the morning focusing on privacy.  The afternoon focused on other mobile-related tools and guidelines.

Why privacy?  Because it was a hot topic at the first Round Table held with the BBC earlier this year, and was voted the number 1 area in which you said you needed further clarification and guidance.  With that in mind, we took a look at the various regulations, tools, frameworks and guidelines available, and made sense out of them with your input.

Representatives from GSMA, Information Commissioner’s Office, Intuit, and MEF were there to listen and react to feedback from the real world of developing apps today. 

Find out what happened and download the report ....

PAST EVENT: Apps World - November 12 - 13 2014, London

We were delighted to be at AppsWorld again this year, looking at the future of multi-plaform apps.

Thanks for visiting us 
We were there for the duration, teaming up with fellow industry association - App Developers Alliance - in the exhibition area an were also joined by AQuA Endorsed Testing Services to help you with testing issues - VMC will be with us on Wednesday, and CTTL on Thursday. 

'Examining the importance of performance - Improving the quality of app delivery through pre and post launch management strategies'
Panel session, Day 2 (Thursday), 11:40 
AQuA's Martin Wrigley was moderating this upbeat panel session, covering:

  • What are the most important considerations for your app pre-launch – eg. bug testing, quality assurance, design and UI, usability 
  • What part does testing play when assessing the performance of your app, and how do you balance the functional, compatibility and performance testing requirements across devices?
  • With multiple releases and constantly evolving products - what unique issues does agile development present to mobile performance assessment and management and what solutions are available?
  • How important is app performance monitoring and what insights can this provide to better enable future development and releases?

Panel members included Golgi, AppDynamics, Skyscanner, Splunk and Riverbed Technology.

Appsters judges
For the third year running, we were also involved in the Apps World Appsters Awards - as part of the judging panel, checking out the quality of the apps submitted. 

PAST EVENT: Keynote Customer Day - October 1st 2014, London

We were at at the Keynote Customer Day on October 1st in London together with News UK, BBC and of course, AQuA-Endorsed Testing Srvice, Keynote (DeviceAnywhere).

We spoke about Mobile App Quality for Enterprises, and were happy to sponsor this interesting and insightful day.

Find out the detail on the Keynote Customer Day website

PAST EVENT: Mobile App Europe event - September 29th - October 1st 2014

We were pleased to be involved in Mobile App Europe and had secured a 35% discount for anyone registering using code AQUA-035:

September 29 – October 1, 2014 at Dorint Sanssouci Berlin/Potsdam

We ran a Keynote on Monday September 29 and a workshop on Tuesday 30.

Effective QA - Is it really necessary?
Monday September 29th
5:40pm - 6:30pm

Testing using the AQuA Criteria
Tuesday September 30th
2:45 - 3:45 

Take a look at the Mobile App Europe schedule to find out more 

PAST EVENT: Native Summit - London - 9 September 2014

As AQuA's all about helping to support the developer ecosystem, encouraging cross-platform cooperation and reducing fragmentation, it was fitting that we supported Native Summit, a platform-agnostic event about developing apps across iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 

The event gave the lowdown on "the latest and greatest" from company representatives and community leaders from each of the major native app platforms, followed by a panel and audience debate.

In fact, Native Summit was one of the only events we've come across where all three platforms were discussed and compared - very interesting debate!

It was great to meet some of you there and discuss your views and issues around app quality. 

PAST EVENT: AQuA Performance Testing Webinar

Thanks to all of you who attended this webinar (29th April), where we talked about our new Performance Testing Criteria - it was very clear from your contributions and feedback that you'll be finding these very useful!   

Martin Wrigley of AQuA and Tiffany Kinkade of AT&T presented a set of 5 new tests, which can be carried out using the open source AT&T ARO tool, to help you improve the speed, efficiency and power consumption of your app.  

Thanks to your contribution, we were able to publish the final set of tests in July.
Read the document and download it for free.
Thanks once again for all your comments and feedback.  It was a really helpful interactive session!
PAST EVENT: An Expert Discussion on App Quality: BBC and AQuA Round Table

BBC Future Media (the team involved in the production of mobile apps for the BBC) recently approached AQuA to put together and facilitate a discussion between a group of like-minded people to discuss and compare app quality issues.

Find out what happened and download the report

PAST EVENT: Automated and Manual testing for mobile apps: where is the balance?

Can remote, automated mobile testing ever stand-up to manual user-based testing efforts?

This webinar has finished, but if you missed it - no problem.
We recorded it in 3 sections (and added a 4th section because you asked us to!)   

Watch the recording of the webinar discussion and debate between AQuA's Martin Wrigley and Keynote's Sam Arora & Mitun Zavery.

And read the answers to the many questions we didn't have time to address in the webinar. 

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