Best Quality App and Best Contribution to Quality Awards 2016

The Awards came to an exciting conclusion at Apps World when the winners were announced live on stage in front of industry peers and press.

The winner of the Best Quality App Award is 360 Mobile Assistant  - read about the winner and the finalists here.

The winner of the Best Contribution to Quality is QApitol QA- read about the winner and the runners up here.

Why the AQuA Quality Awards?

The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) has a mission to promote and improve mobile app quality on a global scale, and over the years, we’ve worked with some of the most dedicated players in industry to do so.

So we thought it was time to celebrate those who are committed to the delivery of quality apps.

Specifically, we wanted to reward those who produce apps of the highest quality and those who provide the best overall contribution to quality in the mobile world.

We created a contest with two awards that…

  • provide recognition to the winning apps and organisations, setting them as a benchmark in the industry
  • raise awareness and promote the importance of app quality on a global scale

Read on to find out more about the awards... 

Award 1 - The Best Quality App Award
Award 2 - The Best Contribution to Quality in the Mobile World

Award 1 - Best Quality App Award 

What’s it all about?
This is an award with a difference: it is not about recognising apps based on their commercial potential, innovative features or uniqueness, it’s about recognising the highest standard of quality.

It’s looking for the “best quality app” out there: an app that works well on the device, every time.

Who could enter?
Any app developer who has a fully-developed app. The award is for the individual app rather than the developer.

What’s the Judging Criteria?
Apps were assessed on how they perform against the relevant set(s) of AQuA Testing Criteria.

The sets of AQuA Testing Criteria are as follows:

  • AQuA Baseline Testing Criteria for Android, iOS or Windows apps
  • AQuA Accessibility Testing Criteria for Android or Windows apps
  • AQuA Network Performance Testing Criteria

In addition, apps were assessed against the following general features that contribute to its overall quality:

  • Quality / clarity of the user interface / user experience 
  • Aesthetics of the user interface
  • Clarity of the function 
  • Suitability for the declared purpose
  • Range of features
  • Simplicity of use (lack of complexity for the user)
  • Efficiency and speed of operation 
  • Reliability 
  • Security
  • Plus the update testing/quality process (based on evidence provided)

How do you access the sets of AQuA Testing Criteria?
All of the AQuA Testing Criteria can all be downloaded here from the AQuA site.

If you’re not familiar with them, they consist of simple tests you need to do to show that your app is of an acceptable quality. You’ll be going through these tests already anyway, whether you’re using the AQuA Criteria or not.

To carry out the AQuA tests, you may like to use the AQuA Testing Criteria Online Tool.

How will the contest be judged?

  • The AQuA team awarded points based on the Testing Criteria completed and additional features that contribute to overall quality of the app (as listed above).
  • A shortlist of the highest scoring apps was then sent to a team of judges who will chose the overall winner. The judges were representatives from AT&T Application Resource Optimizer (part of the AT&T Developer Program), China MobileCTTi (Cyber Trust Technology Institute), CTTL SmarterApps, DMIMobile Manufacturers ForumVMC, and UCL

How will points be awarded?
Points were be awarded as a score out of 10 for:

  • Each set of *relevant Testing Criteria your app has passed
  • Each of the additional general features mentioned above

(*Example of what we mean here: if your app isn’t network-enabled, you won’t be expected to go through the Network Performance Criteria).

What will the winning app receive?

  1. Free AQuA Membership for one year (worth up to 5,000 dollars) or AQuA consultancy. (This will be determined by the individual needs of the winner). 
  2. Recognition and kudos for the winning app. Specifically:
  • Promotion to the AQuA community (10,000 plus contacts) via online promotion, newsletter announcement and social media
  • Promotion to the wider mobile community via judging organisations and media partners


Award 2 - The Best Contribution to Quality in the Mobile World

What’s it all about?
This award is presented to an organisation that can demonstrate outstanding commitment to app quality in the mobile industry.

Who could enter?
There is no limit to the type of organisation that could enter, as long as they can provide evidence of making an outstanding contribution to app quality. 

They could be a test tool provider, a testing service, an app developer, a commissioner of apps, a network operator, device manufacturer or an industry organization or alliance. 

What’s the Judging Criteria?
Entries were assessed based on evidence provided to AQuA demonstrating their outstanding contributing to app quality. Specifically we’ll be looking for evidence of one or more of the following:

  • Far-reaching commitment contributing to app quality 
  • Fantastic customer satisfaction 
  • Outstanding quality processes 
  • Exceptional industry input in the area of quality

How will the contest be judged?
AQuA reviewd the entries and published a shortlist to the AQuA base (of 10,000 individual organisations across the world who are interested in the quality of mobile apps) and the wider app community.

The wider app community then voted for their winner.

What will the winner receive?
This award is about giving recognition and kudos to the organization that has demonstrated its commitment to quality. Specifically it will receive:

  • Promotion to the AQuA community (10,000 plus contacts) via online promotion, newsletter announcements and social media
  • Promotion to the wider mobile community via judging organisations and media partners


Best Quality App Award Judges