Accessibility Testing Criteria for Android Applications

Released July 16 2015

This set of Accessibility Testing Criteria is intended to be used to check the accessibility of an application for users with limitations in one or more categories of vision, hearing, speech, dexterity and cognition on an Android Device.

The Accessibility Testing Criteria has been created with input from or referenced to many important industry organisations:

  • Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF), their members and the GARI website
  • European Disability Forum
  • World Forum for the Deaf
  • European Union of the Deaf
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Trace Research & Development Center
  • Qatar Mada Technology Center
  • W3C WCAG 2.0 recommendations on accessibility
  • Android developer site recommendations on accessibility
  • AT&T recommendation on website accessibility
  • AQuA Members: MotorolaIntertek and Golden Gekko

For a 10 minute deep dive into the Accessibility Testing Criteria, take a look at part 3 of the webinar recording: AQuA and the new Accessibility Testing Criteria

Accessibility Testing Criteria for Android Applications PDF document