PAST EVENT: AQuA and the new Accessibility Testing Criteria, 30th June

Watch the webinar recording below and download the Accessibility Testing Criteria

The webinar is split into three parts. If you want to listen to a specific section of the webinar, the content and timings are noted below.

Part 1: All about AQuA (from the start to 15:50)

Here, we introduce the App Quality Alliance, show you some of the free resources such as the AQuA Testing Criteria and how these can help you with testing your app.

Part 2: Introducing the new Accessibility Testing Criteria (15:50 – 24:07)

In this part, we chat to Sabine Lobnig from the Mobile Manufacturers Forum, an association for the equipment manufacturers. AQuA and the MMF have been collaborating on creating the Accessibility Testing Criteria.

Sabine explores the target market in terms of the number of people who have accessibility needs and how right now there are not many apps that are accessible, which is why we’ve created this new Testing Criteria, all around Accessibility.

Part 3: Deep dive into the Accessibility Testing Criteria (24:07 – the end)

This part dives deeper into how to use the Accessibility Testing Criteria. We provide an overview on the structure of the Testing Criteria, and pull out some examples of the specific tests.