PAST EVENT: Round Table: developer guidelines and tools: are they helping or causing confusion?

Tuesday February 10 2015
GSMA offices in London

We held another Round Table in February in conjunction with the GSMA.   This time we got together a group of people to review and discuss various tools and guidelines, with the morning focusing on privacy.  The afternoon focused on other mobile-related tools and guidelines.

Why did we hold it?

Because privacy was a hot topic at the first Round Table held with the BBC earlier this year, and was voted the number 1 area in which you said you needed further clarification and guidance.  With that in mind, we took a look at the various regulations, tools, frameworks and guidelines available, and making sense out of them with your input.

Also, we wanted your views on other guidelines and tools. It's clear that although guidelines looking at different issues relating to app development have been produced by many industry bodies and commercial organisations over the past 5 years to help developers address various issues, do these guidelines help or confuse?  How much are they used and valued?  Where do we go from here?

Download a pdf of the Round Table report