AQuA Round Table - Friday 20th November, London

Thanks to everyone who came to our third AQuA Round Table.

What was it all about?
AQuA brought together a small group of like-minded people who were passionate about mobile app quality and keen to discuss their experiences in this area.

Download a pdf of the Round Table report.

It was a day-long working session, around a number of clearly-defined subject areas, driven by AQuA Members: 

  • Automated Testing vs Manual Testing
  • Test planning in an Agile environment
  • Exploratory Testing
  • New challenges beyond Mobile Apps
  • MHealth

Here's what the particpants thought about the Round Table:

"This is one of the best testing events, with a forward and fast thinking group, very relevant to the current Testing market" Rakesh Channaiah - Accenture

"It was a fascinating discussion with a broad set of experts with diverse backgrounds, but with a common interest in health apps.  It helped me to establish valuable contacts and identify some of the next steps we should be taking as a business standards publisher" Robert Turpin - BSI

"Quality is a critical factor to app success over the long-term, yet ecosystems, platform turnover and hardware variety present a challenge to sustain this profitably. AQuA's forum is a unique opportunity to share & learn as one" Michael Cliffe - Mxdata

"It's great to see the commitment and effort AQuA puts on building quality standards for better apps and staying at the forefront of new technology" Christian Norton  - VMC

"It was great to be able to discuss my experience and views on how I feel about the industry, existing processes, pros and cons of various topics in an environment that was full of people passionate about the same things - an environment that is clear of judgment and pressure of getting things right. Similarly, it was great to hear other people's views and experiences. Really enjoyed the day, and it was nice to see some familiar faces, and learn something about an industry I love" Daniel BoxMubaloo

"The AQuA roundtable facilitated insightful discussions with a varied panel of experts around the common issues of real world mobile app testing, in an open and honest fashion" Niall Roche - UCL

If you're interested in attending an AQuA Round Table in 2016, then get in touch.

Take a look at the reports from the previous events:

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