PAST WEBINAR: How to check your App is Accessible to everyone - 9th February

One of the surprising discoveries we made during a panel at Apps World last year is that Accessibility wasn’t on the radar of most designers, it simply hadn’t been identified as a priority at any stage of the development process.

And yet Accessibility issues affect around 20% of the population worldwide, so we were astonished that it is being overlooked.

Checking that your app is Accessible is actually very straight forward, we know this because with experts and important industry organizations, AQuA have produced a set of Accessibility Testing Criteria for all the main mobile platforms.

Hosted by Unicom, on Thursday 9th February at 12pm (GMT), we’ll delve into this free to use resource, which is designed to check the accessibility of an application for users with limitations in one or more categories of vision, hearing, speech, dexterity and cognition.

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