AQuA Top 10 App Errors Good QA helps you to Avoid

1. User Interface inconsistency
The UI must be consistent throughout the app, including the consistency of soft key references.

2. Lack of clarity of graphics and text
All graphics, animations and text displayed must be readable and clear to the user, with any technical text messages avoided (eg Text cut-off or text overlapping).

3. App browsing confusion
When the user is browsing through the app, the steps must be clear, with all unnecessary ones eliminated.

4. Language inconsistency and spelling errors
Text displayed in a localised version of the app needs to be consistent throughout, and must be free of spelling errors in all languages.

5. Privacy Policy omission
A Privacy Policy must always be clear within the app.

6. Hidden features
The app must not introduce any features of which the user is unaware - it must work in accordance with info within the ‘help’ menu and must not harm the data on the device.

7. App crashing
The app must never crash or close unexpectedly. Watch out for the system wanting to close your app due to sudden lack of connection, no more memory, no more storage etc.

8. Help is not there
A ‘help’ button and screen must be easily and consistently available through the main menu at all times.

9. Network connectivity: lack of notification
When the app uses network capabilities it must be able to handle situations where network connectivity is not possible, delayed or lost through the display of relevant and timely information to the user.

10. Screen orientation distortion
The display must not be distorted when changing between landscape and portrait display modes.

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