Baseline Testing Criteria for iOS Applications

UPDATED: November 30 2014.

This is the second version (1.1 - Nov 2014) of the AQuA Testing Criteria for iOS applications against which iOS apps needs to be tested to be eligable for inclusion of their details within the Quality App Directory. Please see full details of the Directory by going to the site at

Changes include:

Amended test: 2.3 Idle Test (reinforcing the 'auto-lock' function')
New test: 4.6 Effects of daylight savings time change 
New test: 4.7 Effects of timezone change while travelling 
Amended test: 12.2 Installation of unwanted features or concealed add-ons 
Amended test: 19.1 Misrepresentation of app, developer or publisher

Sets of AQuA Testing Criteria are for guidance only and have not been authorised, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the proprietary platform (unless otherwise specified). Passing does not constitute any commitment or guarantee of acceptance to any application distribution channel.  Sets of Testing Criteria are developed by the App Quality Alliance (AQuA) and are separate and distinct criteria from any criteria that a proprietary platform may have.  AQuA makes no claims or warranties for AQuA’s testing criteria.

Also, see the summary of these tests in a spreadsheet

See also, the AQuA Testing Criteria for Android (updated November 2014) and Java Apps.

Baseline Testing Criteria for iOS Applications PDF document