Network Performance Testing Criteria

This is the App Quality Alliance (AQuA) Network Performance Testing Criteria for Android™ applications and Apple iOS™ applications. 

The six tests analyse the network performance of an app looking for issues such as excessive radio resource use and inefficient design of data transmission, which can cause a huge drain on the device's battery, can result in a slowness of the application and cause more data to be transferred across cellular connections, resulting in higher data charges for the user.

The tests are designed to be carried out using the Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) tool from AT&T

Sets of AQuA Testing Criteria are for guidance only and have not been authorised, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the proprietary platform (unless otherwise specified). Passing does not constitute any commitment or guarantee of acceptance to any application distribution channel.  Sets of Testing Criteria are developed by the App Quality Alliance (AQuA) and are separate and distinct criteria from any criteria that a proprietary platform may have.  AQuA makes no claims or warranties for AQuA’s testing criteria.

See also, the AQuA Base Testing Criteria for iOS and Android Apps

Network Performance Testing Criteria PDF document