AQuA Endorsed Members - endorsed for App Development

Some AQuA Members, who are professional developers with a history of quality and a reputation for excellence and reliability, have been endorsed for app development. This endorsement means their services and QA practices have been assessed and validated by AQuA, ensuring output of only the highest quality apps.

AQuA Members, Endorsed for App Development can also post details of all their apps into the Quality App Directory without needing to be tested by a 3rd party test house.


A world leading agency for Mobile App Solutions, UX Design and Responsive Web, Golden Gekko is now part of DMI- MAS (the mobile application solution branch of the DMI family) delivers mobile apps across all mobile devices and operating systems, with expertise in backend integration (an area becoming increasingly more complex), middleware and content management across industries.

AQuA have awarded DMI AQuA Trusted Status because we feel they clearly prioritise and maintain high standards of quality throughout the development cycle.

“Quality assurance starts from the first release from development and continues until the very end. We believe that QA for mobile is more critical than anywhere else. Customers simply expect your mobile apps to work.” (DMI)

It is the adherence to this high quality mantra, and the practices in place to ensure it is achieved, that impressed AQuA throughout our assessment of DMI's services and QA practices, and led us to endorse DMI as a Member with Trusted Status.

You can also see DMI apps in the Quality App Directory 


News from DMI Inc

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Behind DMI's ‘QUALITY’ ethos is a team of Quality Assurance Testers who, through time, experience, and training, dedicate themselves to diving head first into the ‘nitty gritty’ of every application assigned to the team. Elsewhere QA is usually seen as a support department, but we think of the team as our super heroes... 

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69% of all mobile services are never tested beyond the device that they were implemented on or by the original developer before launch.
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