The AQuA Team

AQuA is led by a team of professionals with many years experience in the mobile app industry, who are passionate about helping all players further improve the quality of mobile applications. 

They offer their time commitment to AQuA, to help the not-for-profit association carry on with their mission. They all work under the direction of the AQuA Core Members.

Who are they?

Martin Wrigley - Executive Director
Martin Wrigley

Martin has more than 25 years of experience in telecoms and IT, with a wide background of IT development, solutions architecture and delivery and is an independent consultant (Moexco Ltd) and Executive Director of AQuA.

As Director of Developer Services at Orange Partner, from 2004 to 2012, Martin was working with telco industry partners, app shops and mobile app developers providing strategic and tactical direction and support to the Orange developer community.  Martin brings all this experience to his consultancy work at Moexco.  Prior to that, Martin had more than ten years in a variety of technical roles in Orange.

Martin is also General Manager, Europe for the App Developers Alliance. 

Martin's the all-knowing strategic one.

Ruth Cattell - Commercial and Marketing Director
Ruth Cattell

Ruth specializes in providing project management, marketing communications and design services to non-profit and service-related organisations within the IT sector and beyond. 

Following 6 years as Marketing Director for a highly successful developer program for a major worldwide carrier - Orange - since 2010 Ruth has provided such services independently through her own organisation: The Extra Contribution Ltd, both as a named resource and as a white label service provider to developer programs and API programs globally.

Ruth has developed a worldwide reputation for managing projects and successfully building and managing physical and virtual communities within both the non-profit sector and technology markets.

Ruth's the one who won't let anything stand in her way.

Stephanie Partridge - Digital Marketing and Events Manager
Stephanie Partridge

Stephanie specializes in Marketing Communications, Event Management and Project Management.

Stephanie has been in the telecoms and mobile developer industry for 13 years and has led Events on a global scale for Orange Partner, the developer program for Orange. Stephanie's event, project management and comms experience ranges from developer hackathons, workshops, large sponsorship and exhibitions to creative and award winning and events such as Orange Partner Camp. 

Steph's the one who makes things happen.

Greg Jotham - Chief Quality Auditor 
Greg Jotham
Greg has extensive experience in creating & managing quality-related programmes for mobile software QA, and in the creation and development of standards and quality audits of business practices. 
He has more than 25 years’ knowledge of software  development and testing, in a career which started in national government, then moved into positions in the manufacturing, financial, leisure, telecommunications and service industry sectors.
In 13 years at Motorola, he developed through a number of roles to eventually lead their global testing & certification programmes for preloaded applications.
Greg managed the work of internal test teams and external vendors, and designed and implemented internal and external testing / QA programmes and test plans for pre- and post-load mobile applications on feature phones, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.
Greg's the one who lives and breathes software QA.