AQUA Endorsed Member Assessment

For an organization to become an AQuA Endorsed Member, applicants must first pass an assessment based on what they want to be endorsed for. 

The assessment will establish that the applicant meets the criteria and qualification for the endorsed status.  

Here are the types of organizations that would quality to become an AQuA Endorsed Member: 

Endorsed for testing services - an organization that tests mobile apps, or provides testing tools for apps, in a manner that is consistent with the AQuA testing philosophy and approach. 

Endorsed for app development - An application developer that consistently delivers high quality apps and has an appropriate testing process that is consistent with the AQuA approach.

Endorsed for app commissioning - An organization that demonstrates a commitment to quality apps, and a quality process in place for commissioning apps.

Here is the process to become an Endorsed Member: 

  1. Firstly, the organization should complete the short AQuA Member registration form, selecting the endorsement level that they are interested in. If the organization is already an AQuA Member, then they should get in touch with AQuA directly. 
  2. AQuA will then contact the organization seeking the endorsement, and carry out a detailed assessment either remotely, or AQuA may request an assessment at the Member’s site.
  3. Based on the assessment, AQuA will produce a report that summaries and concludes on the findings, with concrete advice and observations. The report will either recommend any improvements that are required, or recommend that the organization be become an Endorsed Member.
  4. If the organization passes the assessment, they will receive their AQuA Endorsed Member badge and AQuA will work closely with them on projects of mutual interest, promote them, and endorse their services within and outside of the association (amongst many other benefits). Take a look at the AQuA Endorsed Member benefits.  
To get a good understand of the assessment for endorsement, take a look at the two example reports:
AQuA Endorsed Member Report (example) - endorsed for Testing Services
AQuA Endorsed Member Report (example) - endorsed for App Development