AQuA launches Quality Badge stamp of approval


San Francisco, February 7 2013 App Quality Alliance (AQuA), the mobile industry’s non-profit organization supporting quality app development, today announced that it has created a Quality Badge for developers to use in association with apps that have met a certain quality level.

Developers who are awarded the badge for their apps will stand out from the crowd for having achieved the most credible, independent recognition in the industry. The badge was developed in response to demand from developers whose apps have been included in AQuA’s Quality App Directory, the mobile industry’s listing of top quality apps.

AQuA, which is funded by its members AT&T, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, Orange, Samsung and Sony Mobile, launched the directory in October 2012, following extensive beta testing with developers, and has already seen it populated with some of the best loved mobile apps from the leading developers.  Apps which achieve the quality levels of AQuA Member Verified or Test House Verified will be awarded the Quality Badge. The badge will be made available to qualifying developers by AQuA and can be displayed alongside their app in distribution channels and marketing materials.


Magnus Ekenheim, Head of Developer Technical Services at Sony Mobile Communications comments: “As an AQuA member, Sony is now actively using the Quality App Directory as a source for good quality apps.  The added recognition to the developers of being able to promote their apps using the Quality Badge is another step in the right direction for AQuA and the industry as a whole”.


AQuA member AT&T has also announced that it will be using the Directory as a source of developers and applications for its Certified Solutions Catalog.  “The benefit to AT&T of using the Quality App Directory is the assurance of knowing the apps in the Directory have met a certain industry level.  The testing we do afterwards is AT&T-specific and relates to our network and devices, and isn’t a duplication of what’s already been done” commented Dave Okamoto, Sr. Marketing Manager, AT&T.  “As the Certified Solutions Catalog is platform-agnostic, we look forward to the Quality App Directory expanding to cover additional platforms in the near future” he continued.




About AQuA

App Quality Alliance (AQuA) is an independent worldwide mobile industry body comprising device manufacturers, carriers and others within the mobile application market place.


AQuA is non-profit, funded by the members for the benefit of the industry and member contributions are its only source of revenue.  The members are AT&T, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, Orange, Samsung and Sony Mobile.


AQuA’s overarching mission is to support and promote the development of quality apps. The organization aims to encourage wide-spread adoption of sound working practices to increase the quality of mobile applications and to accredit and promote quality apps to its members and to all app retailers, carriers, app stores and other organizations that are seeking the best quality apps.


It's all in the Directory

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