Sony using Quality App Directory as source of apps


Sony Mobile are now actively using the AQuA Quality App Directory as a source of Android applications for inclusion in their Sony Xperia™ marketing channels and slots in their on-device Game Recommender app in Sony Xperia™ phones.

Why is the Quality App Directory being used as a source by Sony?

All games marketed by Sony will have been tested to a high level through their Xperia™ Play Testing Program, and optimised for Xperia™ PLAY devices.

Games in the AQuA Quality App Directory with a quality level of either ‘Test House-Verified’ and ‘AQuA Member-Verified’ have already reached a certain level of quality relating to non-functional, usability, installation, performance, compatibility and functional sanity testing.  

This means that games in the Directory that are commercially suitable for Sony will be fast-tracked into their channels with minimal further testing.

Why are Sony looking for?

  • Innovative Android games with broad potential appeal
  • Must have a quality level of ‘AQuA Member Verified’ or ‘Test House Verified’ within the Quality App Directory, tested on a Sony Xperia™ device
  • You must own the full legal rights to the game.

What do I do next?

Once you’ve had your game successfully tested against the AQuA Testing Criteria for Android apps, please place details into the Quality App Directory.  If the game is relevant for inclusion within a Sony channel, they’ll be in touch.

If my game is already in a Sony channel but not in the Quality App Directory, can it go into the Directory?

Yes.   Because games already marketing by Sony have met an appropriate quality level, they can now be featured in the Quality App Directory with a quality level of ‘AQuA Member-Verified’.  We’ve already started inviting developers with apps already marketing by Sony to enter them in the Directory so we can upgrade the quality level.   If you haven’t yet responded to us, please get in touch.