AT&T using Quality App Directory as source of apps


AT&T is now actively using the AQuA Quality App Directory as a source of Android applications for inclusion within the AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog.  Plus, apps included within the Certified Solutions Catalog will be able to be associated with the AT&T Certified Solution logo and the AQuA Quality Badge.

What’s the AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog?

It’s an online catalog of hundreds of wireless applications made available to enterprise mobile workforces, either direct or via the AT&T Enterprise Sales teams.

Why is the Quality App Directory being used as a source by AT&T?

All apps included in the AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog have been assessed by AT&T and have gained AT&T Enterprise Software Certification.  

Apps in the AQuA Quality App Directory with a quality level of either ‘Test House-Verified’ and ‘AQuA Member-Verified’ have already reached a certain level of quality relating to non-functional, usability, installation, performance, compatibility and functional sanity testing.   

So, as long as the apps in the Directory are suitable for the Catalog and have met any other relevant AT&T-specific requirements, they’ll be granted AT&T Enterprise Software Certification and fast-tracked in.

What are the benefits of getting the AT&T Enterprise Software Certification for your app?

• It says you meet the minimum business and marketing relationship requirement for the AT&T test certificate process

• Customers feel confident your application runs on targeted devices

• Users are ensured the best possible experience on AT&T's wireless network

• You gain potential exposure to the AT&T customer base through the AT&T sales teams

• Your app is featured within the AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog

• You can use the AT&T Certified Solution logo in your marketing and collateral

• AT&T will host your corporate marketing and sales collateral in the Certified Solutions Catalog dynamic search tool


And of course, not only will you be able to use the AT&T Certified Solution logo in association with your app, you’ll also be able to use the AQuA Quality Badge.


What next?

AT&T are currently looking for small business, enterprise and productivity applications. 

Once you’ve had your app successfully tested against the AQuA Testing Criteria for Android apps, please place details into the Quality App Directory.  If the app’s relevant for inclusion within the AT&T Solutions Catalog, they’ll be in touch. 

If your app’s already in the AT&T Solutions Catalog but not in the Quality App Directory, can it go into the Directory?

Yes.   Because the apps already within the Catalog have met an appropriate quality level, they can now be featured in the Quality App Directory with a quality level of ‘AQuA Member-Verified’.  We’ll be inviting developers with apps already in the Catalog to enter them in the Directory so we can upgrade the quality level.   Or if you have one and would like to alert us to it, please let us know.



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