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These are organizations who want to be part of the AQuA Alliance because they share our commitment to app quality.

They may be a developer of mobile apps with a history of quality and a reputation for excellence and reliability, a testing service, or they may simply be interested in the work of AQuA.

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We are Apadmi, the UK's leading app developer, winner of Large Digital Agency of the Year 2016, App Developer of the Year and a Top 10 Global App Developer as listed by Washington DC IT research firm, Clutch. We create extraordinary mobile experiences for many of the world’s most renowned brands and companies.  Experts in server and infrastructure development, we can also assist in marketing and branding.

BugFinders is a worldwide leading crowdsourced software testing company. We test customer-facing web and mobile software using a crowdsourced community of over 55,000 professional software testers.

Crowdsourced Testing is one thing, however BugFinders provides crowd-delivered software testing reaching the TRUE power of the crowd. This has propositioned BugFinders as one of the world’s leading software testing organisations.

We offer exploratory and scripted functional testing, as well as usability and accessibility testing. The size of the Bugfinders community enables us to deploy teams of 50-200 testers on our testing projects. This means we achieve broad device coverage in very short time frames.

BugFinders can test websites on up to 200 different mobile devices in just 2 days. Apps are tested in 24 hours or less. Our service helps our partners to increase revenue from their apps and websites whilst speeding up releases, protecting their brand and reducing development costs

China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI)
China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) is the central organization in full support of China Mobile Communications Corporation’s (CMCC) core businesses by carrying out technology research and development in ICT industry. Its mission is to become the ‘engine’ to drive innovations within China Mobile and to be a world-class industry research labs contributing to the entire ICT industry.

Intertek provides quality and safety services to businesses across the globe. We help our customers improve their products, assets and processes to make them more successful in their chosen markets.

iTech Labs is an ISO/IEC 17025 certified software testing laboratory established in 2004.  iTech Labs services are broadly divided into two categories known as ‘Online Gaming Systems Certification’ and ‘Software Quality Assurance for Online and Mobile Applications’.

iTech Labs has been testing mobile applications since 2008.  iTech Labs testing is aimed at enhancing the software provider’s internal quality assurance testing or customer’s user acceptance testing.  The testing verifies that the application meets the specifications and the application is reliable and resilient.

iTech Labs and its subsidiaries operate test laboratories in Australia, Europe and Asia, providing different locations, resources and cost structures depending on the requirements.  Integrity, quality, fixed prices and meeting customer’s deadlines are iTech Labs guiding principles. 

Intuit Inc. creates business and financial management solutions that simplify the business of life for small businesses, consumers and accounting professionals.

Our flagship products – QuickBooksTurboTax and Mint – define our commitment to revolutionize the way people manage their personal finances, run small businesses and pay employees. Our lineup of tax preparation products helps individuals and small business owners easily and accurately file their own taxes. And working with accountants, we've become a staple of American small business, with a widespread and deep-rooted presence that's second to none.

Within Intuit, the Intuit Developer Group enables third-party developers and partners to build useful apps that integrate with QuickBooks and alleviate many pain points for small business customers. With the world’s leading small business Apps Store (, we have over 1200 apps on the platform, of which 400 are published in the app store, and 800 apps are private integrations.

Qapitol QA 
The W
orlds First Quality Accelerator for Startups.
We are revolutionising startup QA and helping startups build and ship better apps, faster. We are an essential catalyst for startup success and we do so by accelerating QA and allied areas to ensure positive online and offline customer experiences that result in business success

Telecom Technology Partners
Since Telecom Technology Center (TTC) was established in 2004, our goals have been to coordinate efforts with the policy implementation plans of authorities, execute research on Communications, Broadcasting, and InfoCom security technologies, and become a think-tank for Infocom policies and regulations.

Besides this, TTC provides international level testing, certification, and consultancy services for Infocom products to accommodate industry development and assist Taiwanese manufacturers in upgrading technology.

TTC also provides regulatory testing services for the world’s major countries. This aids the equipment manufacturers in getting international accreditation and strengthens the competitiveness of Taiwan’s Infocom industry in the international market.
Looking to the future, TTC will continue to research advanced communications and broadcasting technologies. We will also keep a close watch on global development trends, research and analyze future mainstream communications technology, and provide professional technical assistance to authorities as reference for stipulating telecom and broadcasting supervisory regulations.

Test Partners
We specialise in testing all types of websites, web-based applications and mobile apps. Since 2001 we've conducted more than 1000 test projects, large and small, and built a strong client base amongst blue chips, digital agencies, the Public Sector and smaller companies.

Twelve Oaks Software
Twelve Oaks Software Ltd is a software and development company, dedicated to providing practical solutions and innovative technology. Our bespoke technology services and products aim to help businesses become more forward-thinking and digitalised in order to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape.

Dedicated to quality software, we also have a second brand – with the intention of exclusively providing performance, code and user experience reports. Created by both actually using the software across a range of devices as well as analysing it technically to ensure that the user receives the highest quality experience.

We are a company dedicated to digital performance. We work on three complementary aspects of quality: technical performance, usage performance and strategic performance. We challenge apps by testing them and analysing their uses and strategic positioning.