Alliances and Members

For the full definitions of AQuA's new membership structure, please go to the AQuA and Membership page.

AQuA Core Members
AQuA Endorsed Testing Service Members
AQuA Members (including Trusted Status)
AQuA Affiliates 

AQuA Alliances  : Non-profit organisations we're working closely with


AQuA Core Members

An organization making a significant contribution to the industry through a global presence, such as a network operator, handset manufacturer, platform owner or significant distribution channel for example.

The Core Members have the right to be part of the Organization governance and direction and therefore have a seat on the AQuA Board.

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AQuA-Endorsed Testing Services

Organisations providing commercial testing services to the mobile industry, whose services have been validated and endorsed by AQuA. The services could be through automation and testing tools, a traditional manual testing house or other means.

These are the top testing service organizations in the world, who will work closely with AQuA Core Members and Endorsed Developers to mould quality initiatives within the mobile industry. 

AQuA will back these organizations, promote them, and endorse their services within and outside of the association. 

Only an AQuA Endorsed Testing Service member has the opportunity of becoming a QAD-approved test house, responsible for testing applications through the Quality App Directory.

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AQuA Members (including Trusted Status)

Anyone who wants to be part of the AQuA Alliance because they share our commitment to app quality can become an AQuA Member.

Some Members who are professional developers with a history of quality and a reputation for excellence and reliability have been awarded Trusted Status. This means they can carry the AQuA endorsement badge and post their apps into the Quality App Directory at a trusted level.

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AQuA Affiliates

Organisations that have signed-up free-of-charge to use AQuA resources, and have asked us to make their details public.  Please bear in mind that AQuA knows nothing about these organisations, and do not endorse their services.

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AQuA Alliances

We're working closely with the organisations below.  
We've kept the links below short and simple.  All of the information is relevant to developers producing quality apps. 

Application Developers Alliance 
A mobile industry association for developers.

An industry association ... 'dedicated to meeting the unique needs of developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs ... We aim to be the rising tide of the industry, to deliver essential resources, serve as a collective voice on policy issues, and act as the connective tissue in the app ecosystem.'

CTIA Wireless Association
Know My App initiative run by the CTIA 

"To assist you with your app development, we created this testing service so you can see how your app uses data. Our tips and best practices provide ideas on how to maximize content and functionality while minimizing impact on your customers' data plans and network resources. These tips will help you build apps that use available wireless network resources more efficiently."

Also see the CTIA  main site

Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative run by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum

GARI is a "comprehensive online database that allows users to search for accessible mobile phones and tablets that best suit a person’s particular needs. GARI also enables searches for accessibility related apps that add further functionality to the device – or shows which new devices will work with their most important apps. GARI promotes informed decision making for all consumers, particularly for persons with disabilities as well as seniors, caretakers and family members."
Developers of accessibility related or assistive apps are invited to sign up for free and display their apps alongside accessible devices that support these apps:

Also see the Mobile Manufacturers Forum main site


'The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Spanning more than 220 countries, the GSMA unites nearly 800 of the world’s mobile operators with 250 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and Internet companies, as well as organisations in industry sectors such as financial services, healthcare, media, transport and utilities.' 

Smarter Apps for Smarter Phones website and guidelines

Mobile Privacy Guidelines 

The AQuA Best Practice Guidelines includes the GSMA Privacy recommendations. Take a look

The global trade body of the mobile media and entertainment industry.

'Established in 2000, MEF represents the total mobile ecosystem providing an impartial and powerful voice for pioneering companies from across the mobile content and commerce value chain.'

Mobile QA Zone
A mobile app testing community

'An online social networking platform for software testers especially mobile handset, mobile application, and telecom/wireless testers. Community participants can write views and share knowledge via blog posts, forums, groups and videos.'