New version of Java UTC is released


The latest version of the Java Testing Criteria is now available, to be implemented for all Java applications (endorsed by the Java Signature through the Java Verified Submission Portal) from June 2011.

Download the pdf from here.

Also go to for full information about the Java Verified tseting and signing program.

The latest version has had 9 tests removed  and just 1 added:

Test(s) added
UI4 - Touch Screen Use: test added.

Test(s) removed
AC1 - Application Flow
AC2 - Application Info
FN4 - External Incoming Comm – MMS
FN5 - External Incoming Comm – Bluetooth
FN6 - External Incoming Comm – Infrared
FN16 - External Incoming Comm – Video call
CO10 - irDA Connection
CO11 - irDA Errors
SE3 - JAD / JAR manifest info accuracy